It started with a remarkable dream. A busy aviation studio, industrial in nature and doused in the smell of engine oil and creativity. In the back, a forgotten room, full of steam trunks and suitcases filled of forgotten treasures: the kind of trinkets that people hold on to, precious pieces that mean something - handcrafted and beautiful. So we created that room at The Stanley Marketplace,  a  trunkshow packed full of love and local, a curious place to discover and explore.

A Modern-Day Trunk Show, Packed With Purpose 

A little retro, a little decadent and a whole lot of cool.

Copyright Soul Haus Ltd. llc, @ Trunk Nouveau

Trunk Nouveau  /t^nk/ 'nju:'veo/  noun: A curated Showing and Sale from a Local Maker who offers handcrafted wares such as unique funny cards, charm necklaces, gemstone jewelry and earrings in Denver & Aurora at the Stanley Marketplace